About Effectiveness Services

The primary purpose of the Effectiveness Connection portfolio of services is to facilitate. . .

  • sustainable,
  • profitable,
  • small business growth by . . .
    • Enhancing leadership capacity
    • Improving selection, alignment and engagement of top talent.

The priority focus is on People, Process and Profit.

The Effectiveness Connection associates are specialists in the following areas:

1. Effectively Navigating Your Growth Curve and Accelerating Progress Toward Optimal Profitability
A coach-based consulting service for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to. . .

  • Objectively identify the hidden challenges impacting their ability to grow.
  • Proactively solve the issues that cause 80% of all businesses to fail.
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of what needs to be done when.

2. Turning Your Good People Into Top Talent and Developing Fully Engaged, High Performing Teams
A facilitated service for business owners, executives and team leaders who want to . . .

  • Optimize team leader/member contribution to results.
  • Reduce turnover by getting the right people in all key positions the very first time.
  • Maximize engagement and eliminate the mismanagement of your knowledge workers.

To Learn How
Contact: Bob@Effectiveness.com or Call: 888-669-3923 | 919-439-5811

About Bob Moore,  CMC
Bob Moore is a business growth strategist, CEO of Effectiveness, Inc. and for over 35 years has worked with entrepreneurs and C-level executives in fast growing, high tech companies and professional services firms.
Bob is a people development specialist and one of the highest credentialed authorities in the use of assessments for selection, alignment and engagement of individuals and teams. He is the author of the book, Turning Good People Into Top Talent: Key Leadership Strategies for a Winning Company and over 500 articles and reports on entrepreneurship, talent development and leadership effectiveness. In addition to numerous assessment certifications, Bob has maintained the Certified Management Consultant designation  since 1995.

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Email: Bob@Effectiveness.com or Call: 888-669-3923 | 919-439-5811